You are still continuing the exhausting weeks of pregnancy in the first 3 months of pregnancy. Speaking of deep breathing, from now until you give birth, you may feel that your lungs are narrow. There’s a reason someone has taken up space in your lungs and this can last for a while.

What should I eat during the 10th week of pregnancy?

By the 10th week of pregnancy, the feeling of nausea and fatigue should disappear. You may feel better eating. Pregnant women often like to eat special foods, even foods they did not like before, they often eat foods because of cravings rather than because of their deliciousness. Chewing ice, eating fresh vegetables, soft yogurt, marshmallows are all tempting. So always carry some of your favorite foods with you so you can use them when you need them.

Physical changes in week 10

  • Due to the influence of hormones, the skin around the nipples will become darker and brown spots begin to appear more on the face when the fetus is 10 weeks old. In particular, there will appear a dark line extending from the navel to the lower abdomen and will fade after the baby is born.
  • The increase in blood volume in the body makes you more radiant at 10 weeks of pregnancy. Finally, the acne that has been bothering you and unsightly for you in the past weeks will gradually disappear, making way for brighter, more beautiful skin.
  • Usually from the 10th week onwards, you don’t have to run to the toilet as often because of uncomfortable nausea. As the uterus is lifted up from the pelvis, making room for the bladder to work harder. Touching the abdomen, you can feel the top of the uterus slightly raised. This feeling is more obvious when you are lying in bed and have an urge to urinate.

Changes in emotions

  • The feeling of pregnancy is still there, even quite heavy for pregnant women. Amazingly, the feeling of morning sickness has receded and you are starting to feel full of life. The stress of fearing miscarriage quickly disappeared. The cravings began to return. This is also the right time to notify friends and relatives about the arrival of your baby.
  • However, you are still easily touched by things that don’t make sense. Seeing strollers, pregnant women, babies, or even fluffy animals is enough to make you emotional enough to burst into tears. These are completely natural, turn off the TV if you can’t stand seeing ads or anything that makes you uncomfortable.

Pregnant with wife

In the first 3 months of pregnancy, due to morning sickness, most pregnant women are not interested in sex. Now, however, the need for a close relationship with her husband has become intense. This is due to the growth of female sex hormones and you also feel more energetic.

If your doctor does not recommend that you avoid sexual activity, you can still do it during pregnancy, except in cases where there is a risk of premature birth or risk miscarriage. In fact, many pregnant women say they have never felt the need and sensation of sex so high as during pregnancy. There is no evidence that sex can affect the fetus because the cervix during pregnancy is closed with a mucus plug and the baby will be very safely protected in the amniotic sac for at least until the next month. 7th of pregnancy.

How is the 10th week of pregnancy?

  • The 10th-week fetus has doubled compared to the previous 3 weeks, about 3.1cm to 4cm long, almost the size of a large tangerine.
  • Baby is constantly moving: kicking, crawling, twisting, and turning. However, your baby is very small and your uterus is still on the top of your pelvis, you still can’t feel the baby’s movements. You will feel those wonderful movements as your baby grows bigger and starts to push against the wall of the uterus.
  • This week, your baby’s spinal cord begins to produce white blood cells. These are antibody cells that help your baby stay healthy and grow well.
  • Stay away from alcohol, beer, tobacco, and other alcohol if you don’t want long-term damage to your child’s brain development. This is also the time when the pituitary gland begins to work and produce necessary hormones for the body.
  • The placenta also plays its role in filtering oxygen and nutrients to support the development of the fetus.
  • Also this week, your child can already suck his thumb. So cute, right? The eyelashes will cover the baby’s eyes so that the baby’s eyes are protected safely.
  • Your baby’s intestines begin to practice contractions to help them digest well after they’re born. The first bowel movements mark an important step in the formation and development of your baby. Please wait patiently to see what that turning point is.

Things your doctor can talk to you about at 10 weeks pregnant

Your doctor will take several steps to check if you are pregnant with twins by listening to your baby’s heartbeat. If you have two different heartbeats in your belly, you may be carrying twins. However, this conclusion is not completely accurate because the baby’s heartbeat can be heard in many different locations. For accurate results, you can do an early ultrasound to find out if you are pregnant with two angels at once.

Necessary tests at 10 weeks of pregnancy

To more closely monitor the development of the fetus, you can refer to some of the tests below

  • Check blood pressure, height and weight
  • Measure sugar and protein through a urine test
  • Check if the mother’s limbs are too swollen or not, what is the condition of varicose veins in the legs?
  • Measure fetal heart rate
  • Check the size of the uterus to see how it correlates with the due date
  • Height of the fundus (top of the uterus)

What should I do during the 10th week of pregnancy?

  • Do not play dangerous sports, require a lot of strength, and increase the risk of reducing the amount of oxygen supplied to the baby such as diving, climbing, traveling to high areas…; It’s better to exercise moderately, not work, and exercise too much until the baby is born. (Reference: Exercise for pregnant women)
  • Start journaling for your child. This may sound silly, but in the future, this pregnancy diary will help you and your baby revisit sweet childhood memories. This is an exciting time, although it may seem like a long time, later you will be surprised how quickly it passed.
  • Be careful with foods that can be dangerous to you and your unborn baby. Listeria is a foodborne infection that can be dangerous for pregnant women and their unborn babies.