You have officially entered the middle weeks of the first trimester of pregnancy. Perhaps you have also “got used to” being “pregnant” and it is no longer new to you. The 7-week-old fetus has begun to “reveal” clearly in the mother’s womb and now you can feel the fetus in the belly. Although for most pregnant women, the first few weeks are not easy; But some mothers are unharmed. If you are one of these people, don’t feel like you’ve been deprived of something sacred and special. With more than 30 weeks to go, wait and experience what it feels like to be pregnant.

At first glance, it will be difficult to see that you are pregnant, but you will feel your belly area thickening significantly. Tight pants or skirts will no longer fit, and you will no longer have the freedom to choose clothes like before. It’s still a bit early to wear maternity clothes right now, so rummage through your wardrobe and try to find clothes with wide waists or elastic waistbands.

At 7 weeks pregnant, you probably want to tell your family and close friends the good news. There’s never been a perfect time to let the world know you’re having a baby. Share your happiness with your loved ones right now

Your body changes in week 7

  • It’s still too early to see or feel through your abdominal wall that your uterus is expanding at 7 weeks pregnant. Your belly is still hidden by your pelvis and won’t protrude. up until 12 weeks.
  • You will probably see your blood vessels prominently, especially in the chest and legs when you are 7 weeks pregnant. When you stand for a long time, your legs can become painful, and you want to sit more than before. Try to elevate your legs whenever possible, and keep your feet up on a chair or footstool as often as possible to help get the blood flowing.
  • Your vagina may produce more mucus. This is normal during pregnancy so don’t worry unless it smells bad, turns yellow, or causes your vagina to burn. Many pregnant women use tampons every day,  this is very helpful. (Reference: Cervical mucus during pregnancy)
  • Occasionally you will experience cramping and pain in the lower abdomen. This is also normal, and this pain is similar to the heavy, uncomfortable feeling before your period. However, if you have constant pain, or your vagina is bleeding, or you are simply concerned, talk to your midwife or doctor.
  • Your nipples may become enlarged and dark. There may also be pimples around the areola, called Montgomery spots – to get your nipples ready to produce milk. Do not squeeze or try to squeeze these nodules. They’re really helpful, not like ugly pimples.
  •  One more surprise, you may be going back to puberty at 7 weeks pregnant with lots of acne on your face. Hormone pregnancy is the culprit that causes those acne breakouts. You should be careful with facial cosmetics at this time because there are some creams that pregnant women should not use.

Changes in emotions

  • You may feel a little down at 7 weeks pregnant. The constant feeling of fatigue and nausea is still there, and there’s no way you can feel better. Calm down. Most pregnant women feel better by the end of the first trimester. From now on, you will start counting down to the day your baby is born.
  • At this stage, many fathers have not really felt any great changes like mothers. The experience of being a new father is simply hearing you describe the symptoms and changes in the mother’s body, not really seeing or feeling any significant difference. It should not be inferred that fathers are less interested or less excited about having a baby. It also takes a few weeks for dads to really feel that you’re pregnant and the baby is coming.
  • Some mothers will feel a little guilty for not being fully devoted to their baby’s love during this period. They worry that the baby will “know” the mother’s negative thoughts and find himself unwelcome. If you are among these, do not worry and be sad. Because the baby simply doesn’t have the ability to know how you are feeling.

How does a 7-week old fetus develop?

  • Your baby is very small at this point and is only about 1.3cm long. Your baby is only about the size of green olive, and it’s not a huge olive-like you might think, just a medium-sized olive.
  • The fetus this week has a fetal heart. If you have a prenatal visit this week, your midwife or doctor should already be able to hear your baby’s heartbeat with an ultrasound machine. Right now you can go home with the joy of someone who knows for sure that she is going to be a mother.
  • At 7 weeks pregnant, your baby’s eyes will get bigger and even start to color. Your baby’s permanent eye color will become apparent between 6-9 months and is greatly influenced by genes inherited from you and your baby’s father.
  • Your baby’s ears are starting to form both inside and out. Tiny tongues have also begun to appear in the roof of the mouth and tooth roots have also begun to form in the jaw.

What should pregnant mothers do at 7 weeks?

This is an important time because both mother and baby are very sensitive at this time. Parents need to prepare carefully to take care of the mother and child as smoothly as possible.

Some things to keep in mind when taking care of a 7-week-old fetus:

♣ Double iron supplement to ensure that mother and baby are not deficient during this time. You should eat a lot of foods such as beef, eggs, green vegetables, and almonds.

♣ To cope with morning sickness during this period, mothers can divide meals and should eat several times a day instead of keeping the habit of eating 3 meals as before. Pregnant women should only eat cooked foods, drink enough water, and avoid foods that stimulate the digestive system.

Mothers should exercise gently, avoid heavy exercises or exercise with high intensity. Think about signing up for a pregnancy yoga class or something similar in your area. It’s also a great way to meet other pregnant women and build a network of new friends who can support each other later on. (Reference:  Yoga for pregnant women). If you are a regular runner, think about switching to a lighter exercise. These forms of continuous vibration exercise are not good for the fetus. There are still many other gentle exercises that are more suitable for you at this stage.

♣ If you have to work in an office, often sit in one place in an air-conditioned room, you should spend some time getting up, walking, going out to breathe for blood circulation.

♣ You should not go to areas where people smoke. Secondhand smoke is the main cause of dangerous complications for babies in the womb.

mẹ If the mother had a habit of drinking beer and alcohol before, during pregnancy, she should immediately quit these habits because it will directly affect the development of the fetus or even cause the fetus to be poisoned.

♣ You should start looking for classes for expectant mothers. Reservations may be required and may even be on a waiting list.