Which IUD is best? Answer from an obstetrician!

Which IUD is best is an easy but difficult issue for many women. To find the answer, please refer to this article!

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Using an IUD is currently the leading safety measure today. However, many women wonder which is the best IUD to put on. Please read the article below to know the correct answer.

Which IUD is the best, safe, and has limited side effects?

Currently, there are many IUDs and there are 2 types that are being used by women most commonly. So let’s review to find out which is the best type of birth control ring for women.

  1. Copper IUD

Copper-containing IUDs often strongly affect enzymes and interfere with the penetration of sperm into the lining of the cervix, thus preventing conception from occurring.

And copper ions also have a direct effect on the movement of sperm and the environment of the uterus, so sperm cannot meet the egg.

Which IUD is the best?

Which IUD is best
Copper IUDs are widely used because of their long-lasting effectiveness

The advantage of copper IUDs is quite cheap and effective for up to 10 years. Immediate effect right after placing the ring should be used by many women.

But, copper-containing IUDs also have the drawback of making the menstrual cycle longer than usual, prone to anemia and excessive discharge, so the pelvic area is often inflamed.

  1. Hormonal IUD

It is a T-shaped IUD and has a small loop attached to the bottom with a polyethylene cord. This type of IUD is also effective immediately after insertion and lasts from 5 to 10 years.

In particular, the hormonal IUD also helps to reduce the amount of menstrual flow each month, limit menstrual pain, and prevent and slow the growth of uterine fibroids.

The downside of the hormonal IUD is its short effectiveness and high cost.

Through the above advantages and disadvantages analysis, depending on your needs, financial conditions and health, you have the right choice. The best way is for women to consult an obstetrician for examination and advice on the right type of IUD.

which IUD

You have made the decision to choose the right type of IUD, right? The next step, women proceed to put the ring in accordance with medical standards to ensure high efficiency and safety for health.

The doctor will perform the IUD insertion according to the following steps:

  1. Conduct inspection before placing the ring

An important and necessary step for the doctor to know the actual health status of women. Make sure you don’t have any more gynecological or sexually dangerous diseases. If a woman has the disease, it must be completely treated before an IUD can be inserted.

  1. Perform ring placement đặt

First, the doctor will insert 2 fingers deep into the vagina and use the other hand to feel all the organs related to the pelvic area. The doctor continues to determine the size of the uterus to use the right IUD.

The next step, the doctor opens the vagina with a medical instrument and then disinfects and rinses it with the aim of reducing the risk of infection. The IUD will be inserted through the uterus with a specialized instrument and when it reaches the uterus, it will expand in a T-shape.

  1. Rounding is over

So the rounding process is over and the time is only a few minutes. The doctor will advise you to pay attention before you leave, such as how to clean the private area, avoid movement, etc. to ensure that the ring is not deviated or the ring slips out.

Note, women remember to wear tampons after inserting the ring because it may bleed. If you notice excessive bleeding, you should see a doctor immediately.

  1. Return for follow-up visits to review the results

Your doctor will schedule you time to come back to check that the ring is in the correct position and effective. If there is an accident, the doctor will check and treat it promptly.

So you have found the answer to the question “which IUD is best”. Please read carefully and do not forget to seek the advice of an obstetrician.