You don’t have to wait until the pregnancy test shows up 2 dazzling lines to know you’re pregnant. With the following 20 signs of pregnancy, you can predict the existence of a small being in your belly!

10 easy-to-recognize first week pregnancy signs

  • Body temperature rises
  • Urinate more
  • Loss of period
  • Breasts and nipples feel tight and a little sore
  • Darker nipples and areolas
  • Constipation
  • Feeling pale
  • Feeling short of breath
  • Unusual cravings
  • Sensitivity to odors

Immediately following the first signs of pregnancy above are the following 20 specific symptoms:

20 specific pregnancy symptoms

  1. Bleeding and vaginal discharge changes are early signs of pregnancy in the first week 

Bleeding can be considered one of the earliest signs of pregnancy, but it is also the most easily overlooked. The reason is that many people mistakenly think that their period suddenly comes early. This is a sign of pregnancy in the first month that mother.

When this happens, you may be experiencing bleeding, due to the implantation of the fetus in the uterus. About 20% of women experience this. Bleeding when the embryo implants in the lining of the uterus does not occur as massively as menstruation.

It’s just a few small streaks of blood, lighter than usual or dark brown and only appear for 1-2 days. The time to detect signs of pregnancy is quite close to the start of the menstrual cycle but earlier.

Some women also notice that their vaginal discharge changes. This white and milky discharge will also appear frequently during your pregnancy and is completely harmless.

However, if you notice strange symptoms such as vaginal discharge with a foul odor, yellow, brown or green, and bloody, which may be a sign of disease, you need to find out the cause and see a doctor to make sure. you don’t have an infection or a fungal infection.

To prevent vaginal infections, you should use a gentle gynecological cleaning solution 2-3 times a week..

  1. Cramps

Cramps can be a sign of a new menstrual cycle, but can also be a sign of an atypical pregnancy. If this phenomenon is accompanied by some other signs of pregnancy, you will have a basis for more confirmation.

Why are you prone to cramps during pregnancy? Experts explain that this is the preparation for the development of the fetus in the next 9 months. Cramps are caused by your uterus stretching and compressing the blood vessels in your lower body.

Don’t be surprised if you find this phenomenon will “follow” you throughout your pregnancy, as your belly will get bigger and put more pressure on the lower half.

  1. An increase in body temperature is an early sign of pregnancy

During pregnancy, the hormone progesterone secretes more, causing your body temperature to rise slightly above normal, similar to basal body temperature during ovulation.

If you regularly monitor your body temperature, you can easily notice this sign of pregnancy. This is a sign of pregnancy that is easy to miss, as you may just think you have a cold or are just too tired.

When the body temperature rises, the mother feels hot, uncomfortable but not feverish due to the disease, the mother should use the most accurate thermometers to monitor the body temperature.

  1. Soft, painful and bigger breasts

This is one of the earliest and most common signs of pregnancy. After the egg is fertilized, the hormone levels in a woman’s body change very quickly. This transformation can increase the blood supply to the breasts causing you to feel a burning sensation around the nipple.

In addition, the size of the breast also increases significantly with more intense pain than usual, but you will not be happy about this, because the breasts are swollen and painful. If you pay close attention, you may also notice that the skin around your nipples becomes darker, darker than usual. To the touch, you can feel your breasts soften, accompanied by a feeling of heaviness and tightness in the chest.

It will take your body a few weeks to get used to the hormonal changes, and once that is done, the discomfort in the chest area should also go away.

But sometimes soft breasts are due to insufficient muscle tone, mothers can regain firmness for breasts by doing exercises that impact the chest area.

  1. Appears chrome, rash

During pregnancy, your body temperature rises higher than normal, making your skin unable to sweat. As a result, it is very easy to appear heat rash in areas of skin with many folds or areas of skin that often rub against clothing. However, not all pregnant women show these signs of pregnancy.

  1. Tired

In the first few weeks after you conceive, your body is almost exhausted from having to work non-stop to provide nutrients for the fetus. The heart also beats faster, which increases oxygen to the ovaries.

 accurate signs of pregnancy
accurate signs of pregnancy – Tired

Along with that, the circulatory system has to work with tremendous pressure to increase blood flow to the uterus to feed the growing embryo. Moreover, the high body temperature also makes you lose more energy.

With that intensity of work, almost any organ in your body will “protest”. The results are easy to understand, you always feel tired as if you just ran 20km. Moreover, the increased levels of the hormone progesterone also make you feel drowsy. This constant fatigue is the most common sign of pregnancy.

You can reduce stress and fatigue with natural essential oil treatments during pregnancy.

  1. Headache

A “spike” of the hormone progesterone plus a shortage of red blood cells in the blood is what causes some women to experience headaches during pregnancy. However, severe and persistent pain can be a sign of an illness and needs to be examined carefully.

accurate signs of pregnancy
              Accurate signs of pregnancy – headache
  1. Back pain, a sign of pregnancy

Do you feel pain in your back? This is also one of the earliest signs of pregnancy. The ligaments in the back will be stretched, the abdominal muscles will become loose, and the organs in the back will have to work harder to prepare for the extremely rapid growth of the fetus.

This leads to aches and pains along the spine and they become even more uncomfortable as the baby gets bigger. However, this feeling of back pain is quite similar to the feeling of back pain before each period, so it often goes unnoticed by people.

  1. Frequent urination

You just urinated over an hour ago and now want to “visit” the toilet again? Excluding other health causes, urinating more than usual could be a sign of pregnancy!

About 6 weeks after the egg is fertilized, blood flow in the body increases dramatically. As a result, the kidneys excrete more water. Next, the increasing pressure of the uterus on the bladder will make you have to urinate more often.

  1. Shortness of breath and shortness of breath

In the early days of pregnancy, you will sometimes feel tightness in your chest and a slight feeling of shortness of breath. Or you may also feel that your breath is shorter than usual (short of breath). This is because the body is not used to the hormonal changes.

As the pregnancy gets older, especially in the last trimester, having to provide extra oxygen to the developing fetus in the womb causes the body to adjust itself to make you take in more oxygen with each breath. This causes shortness of breath and shortness of breath.

  1. Nausea (may or may not be accompanied by vomiting)

Morning sickness is a nightmare for many women, and can appear as early as 4-6 weeks of pregnancy. Some people even have to endure it for 9 months of pregnancy.

Not necessarily in the morning, you can feel nauseous at any time of the day, even if you haven’t eaten yet. Sometimes you just feel nauseous, but it’s not so severe that you throw up everything you eat.

  1. Mood swings

“Rainy morning and afternoon rain” is one of the defining characteristics of girls. However, during pregnancy, hormonal changes in the body also make your mood a thousand times more volatile. Feeling sorry for yourself, tired, in the blink of an eye you can be angry, feel frustrated and uncomfortable inside.

Usually, during the first few weeks of pregnancy, you won’t feel happy at all. Maybe this moodiness, boredom is related to hormones and the body’s feeling of fatigue.

  1. Change in eating habits

You love sweets and absolutely hate sour foods. Suddenly one day, you find yourself holding a young toad and eating it deliciously? Like nausea, a change in appetite is one of the telltale signs you’re pregnant.

While some people vomit green and yellow bile and dare not touch any food, others fall into a state of indiscriminate cravings throughout their pregnancy.

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  1. Extremely sensitive to scents

Suddenly you become much more sensitive to the smells around you. It could be the smell of cigarettes you really hate, the smell of your favorite perfume or simply the smell of cooked rice… can make you feel uncomfortable, even nauseous.

  1. How to recognize pregnancy: Easy to faint

During pregnancy, your heart rate, pumping speed, and the amount of blood circulating in your body increase a lot. However, the cardiovascular system sometimes “disturbed” due to not being adjusted in time, which is the cause of your dizziness and lightheadedness.

Another reason is that the blood pressure in the first days of pregnancy is significantly lower than normal. So, don’t be surprised when you are normally so healthy but now you faint easily, like a lady with a golden leaf in the usual TV series.

  1. Nosebleeds

Are you surprised to learn that nosebleeds are a sign of successful pregnancy that many pregnant women experience? During pregnancy, your body produces more blood, and the pregnancy hormones exert pressure to dilate the small blood vessels in your nose. As a result of this, your nose is much more likely to “bleed”.

  1. Pregnancy Symptoms: Constipation

Hormonal changes during pregnancy also affect the functioning of the digestive system, making you prone to bloating and constipation. In addition, the growth of the fetus increases the pressure on the pelvis and bladder, which is also an easy cause of constipation during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Symptoms: Constipation
Pregnancy Symptoms: Constipation
  1. Weight gain

Lately you’ve been finding it very difficult to fit the new pants you bought last month? Or suddenly feel like your body has become a lot heavier? If you suddenly become more hungry than usual and show signs of a sudden increase in weight, chances are you are pregnant!

  1. Pregnancy symptoms: Late period

When was your last “red light” day? A missed period is the earliest sign of pregnancy that you may notice after a month. After the egg is fertilized, your period will be absent for at least the next 9 months. Some women have occasional bleeding during pregnancy, but less so.

However, you should still check to see if you have many of the pregnancy signs on the list above, because a missed period is sometimes just because you are under stress or changing your lifestyle.

  1. Pregnancy test shows 2 lines

After experiencing all the above symptoms of pregnancy, the best suggestion is to buy a pregnancy test to confirm your suspicions. Using a pregnancy test is the fastest way to determine if you are pregnant.

Usually, after 1 or 2 weeks of missed period, you can use a pregnancy test to check if you are “pregnant”. Pregnancy test strips give results based on the level of the hormone HCG in your body. This hormone is only present during pregnancy.

Ideally, you should buy 2 sets of test strips. In some special cases, such as an ectopic pregnancy or when you are taking diuretics, a pregnancy test may not give very accurate results.

To be sure and give the fastest results on signs of pregnancy, you should use a pregnancy test.

In short, with the above 20 signs of pregnancy, you have partly determined the possibility that you are pregnant, right? However, nothing is 100% certain, you should still go to medical facilities to check for accuracy again.