From week 8 to birth, most of the changes in a baby’s body are the growth in size and completeness of body parts. Basically, week by week fetuses will be miniature versions of babies when they are born, much smaller of course. At this time, all the organs in the body are formed and are prepared to support independent life when the fetus is born at about 40 weeks. Your baby’s chance of having a birth defect will decrease after the 8th week, but you still need to be very careful with the rest of your pregnancy.

Why so many questions?

For many women, the 8-week pregnancy period is considered the hardest of all, simply because the morning sickness symptoms of this period can be exhausting. Some women find themselves able to breathe a sigh of relief from the 8th week when the risk of miscarriage has dropped, and the excitement begins to increase. Is it too early to buy baby clothes? Should I tell the others now? Is the baby healthy? How can I be a mother? From now on, those questions and a million other questions will fill your mind. However, these are all very commonplace.

8 weeks pregnant have a belly yet and how does the mother’s body change?

  • You, or rather, your womb will be larger with a diameter of about 16cm when the fetus is 8 weeks old.
  • Your waistline will thicken, and stretchy pants and skirts will be more appropriate.
  • There hasn’t been a big change in morning sickness, or at least it hasn’t reached the 8th week of pregnancy. You should eat foods that are bland and easy to digest, and also encourage the baby’s father in the kitchen. if you can’t do it yourself.

What’s that sound like?

You should make an excuse to avoid elegant gatherings at 8 weeks pregnant. Farts, farts, blows…you can call it whatever you want, but it will make you blush when you least expect it. Don’t think I have a problem. Excess weight is a common occurrence during pregnancy but is rarely mentioned. There are certain foods that make excess gas worse, so the best thing you can do is avoid them altogether. Legumes, starches are dangerous culprits ready to add fuel to the fire.

When the fetus is 8 weeks old, how do the mother’s emotions change?

  • You may become more superstitious than usual during your 8th week of pregnancy, so try to balance fact and science with a little fun in moderation. Most people have good stories when it comes to their pregnancy or childbirth experiences. You need to know how to filter out what you should hear and ignore what you shouldn’t.
  • Pregnancy is when dreams become very different. You have very strange, scary, and meaningless dreams. Don’t analyze or deduce them to try to find some hidden meaning or message. Dreams are merely filtered from our subconscious thoughts after weeding out the unnecessary information our brains take in during the day.
  • You should start visualizing and organizing your future tasks from the time you are 8 weeks pregnant. From the benefits of maternity leave, time off work, and the fact that the whole family is going to live on a single person’s salary; All of these considerations will take some time to think about. (Reference: How many weeks should you take maternity leave)

You may find yourself a bit ugly and unattractive around this time. People may not see you are pregnant, but you look like you just gained weight. Give yourself a little pampering, don’t deny yourself the simple pleasures that can make you feel better. A massage, a hairdo, a shopping trip, all can make you younger and happier.

Types of fetal ultrasound at 8 weeks

Transabdominal ultrasound

  • This form can assist in seeing the fetus from a very young age. This is the method most mothers use

Detector ultrasound

  • This form has quite accurate results. However, it is not as common as transabdominal ultrasound. If the fetus is suspected to be 8 weeks pregnant but has not heard the fetal heartbeat or has abnormal placental problems, the doctor will prescribe the use of a transducer ultrasound method.

How does an 8-week-old fetus change?

• The baby’s size week by week is often compared to fruits; 8 weeks fetus is as big as a plum or orange

• Your baby’s fingers and toes are well-formed at 8 weeks, and fingernails are starting to form. Babies can flex their limbs at this stage, wiggle their elbows, and can flex their wrists.

• All important organs in the body have been fixed in place at 8 weeks of pregnancy. For the rest of your pregnancy, these organs will continue to grow and mature, ready for life outside the womb.

• The baby’s kidneys are filtering blood and making urine at this time. They are also secretly storing digestive juices in their stomachs, ready to fight the amniotic fluid they are about to swallow.

• If the baby is a boy, the external genitalia will begin to develop and produce male sex hormones – the very important male hormone.

• The baby’s head is still large compared to the rest of the body, but from week 8 onwards, the neck and all the bones in the face have formed. That means you can already have an ultrasound to see the facial features quite clearly.

• A layer of fine silk is covering the baby’s body. The inner and outer ears, tooth roots, and eyes are fully developed.

What should mothers eat and do during the 8th week – 2nd month of pregnancy?

Build a healthy diet

•  You should stay away from foods that are too greasy, hot, and spicy to avoid bloating and indigestion. Instead, choose foods that are easy to digest, contain fiber, and are high in starch. In particular, pregnant women in the second month of pregnancy should not eat foods containing licorice and fish containing mercury such as shark, tuna, halibut, mackerel because they can cause miscarriage.

• Try drinking herbal tea in place of your usual caffeinated tea and coffee. Often these teas are healthier and are an easy substitute for the hot drinks that inspire you.

• Try to drink more milk and calcium this week. Your baby’s roots have already formed, so any food containing this important nutrient has a positive effect on your baby’s teeth. Try to avoid infection this week, as an infection can raise your body temperature, adversely affecting the development of your baby’s teeth.

• Always keep snacks around in case you feel dizzy. Because you may be having a hard time eating, your blood pressure will sometimes drop very low. Don’t get up too quickly if you’ve been sitting for a while. Give your body time to adjust to your blood pressure as you transition from sitting to standing.

• You should also drink plenty of water during this period. Adequate water intake will help reduce nausea and support better digestion. If you feel pale when drinking filtered water, you can add a few slices of lemon or orange to have a more attractive taste and flavor.

Do exercise

You can participate in activities such as swimming, walking, yoga for pregnant women. Moderate intensity exercise will help improve health during pregnancy, reduce morning sickness and support more favorable labor later on. However, you should also minimize strenuous activities such as:

  • Cycling
  • Tennis
  • Jogging
  • High-intensity workouts

What tests should mothers pay attention to?

When you are 8 weeks pregnant, you will often have a case that after urinating, there are some places in your underwear or toilet paper that are speckled with blood. This phenomenon is considered normal and about 25% of mothers will experience it. However, they should not be taken lightly as they can also be a sign of an ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage.