Signs of pregnancy after 3 days of intercourse is not easy to recognize. Only women who are really sensitive and love their bodies can feel it.

Many women have to wait until their menstrual cycle is completely delayed or a pregnancy test is taken to know that “angel” has arrived. The remaining few can feel the earliest signs of pregnancy after only 3 days of intercourse.

8 signs of pregnancy 3 days after sex

Longing for a baby to hold, you’ll probably jump when you see the sudden changes in your body, even the smallest. Doubts in joy are always special.

Here are 7 early signs of “super” pregnancy:

  1. Signs of successful conception after 3 days: Strong urine smell

Many women find that the smell of urine is stronger in the early stages of pregnancy. Specifically, after 3 days of intercourse. Obstetricians explained that because pregnant women’s hearing is often sensitive, they can recognize the change, but in fact, the smell of urine at this time is not different from normal.

The hormone progesterone during pregnancy makes a pregnant woman’s hearing more sensitive than usual. That is why many pregnant women suffer from morning sickness for a long time, afraid of odors in daily life such as the smell of soap, the smell of boiling rice, the smell of fried oil, etc.

It is the sensitivity of hearing that also helps women to smell odors that they may not have smelled before, such as urine. This is an early sign of pregnancy that few mothers realize.

  1. Urine color predicts pregnancy

In 16th century European countries, this was a common method of predicting fertility. The ancients believed that a pregnant woman’s urine would be pale yellow to milky white in just 3 days after intercourse.

Many people even mix urine with alcohol and then give the results. If alcohol reacts with proteins in the urine, you are pregnant. However, at that time people did not know that women with diabetes or eating dark foods can cause urine color to change.

In modern times, observing the color of urine only helps doctors judge the risk of patients having urinary tract diseases or not. This is not to be used as an effective sign of pregnancy.

  1. Urinating more than usual

Another clear sign of pregnancy after 3 days of sex is that women urinate more. The simple reason is that the body is being squeezed so that the kidneys work to eliminate more toxins. Urinating more often than usual and after urinating, you still feel the urge to go more. This usually happens at night.

Signs of pregnancy
Signs of pregnancy – Urinating more than usual
  1. Early signs of pregnancy after 3 days: Brushing teeth nausea

Many women brush their teeth, they will feel like vomiting but can’t. It is also a sign of good news.

Signs of pregnancy after 3 days of sex: Vaginal bleeding
        Signs of pregnancy after 3 days of sex: Vaginal bleeding
  1. Uncomfortable hair

Even though you have washed your hair, there will still be an uncomfortable itching sensation and your hair will look dry and lifeless.

  1. Signs of pregnancy after 3 days of sex: Vaginal bleeding

Vocals will secrete light pink blood. But the amount of blood secreted is very small and usually goes away after 2-3 days.

  1. Cravings

Craving does not mean that you will eat more, craving for a lot of food at once, but when you look at the food, you will no longer want to eat but have a feeling of shyness.

  1. Pain in the lower abdomen

You will feel pain in the lower abdomen like during your period, but the feeling will be much more uncomfortable and the medicine will not go away.

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10 easy-to-recognize first week pregnancy signs

Most of the time after 7-10 days of intercourse, some of the following signs of pregnancy will appear:

  • Body temperature rises
  • Urinate more
  • Loss of period
  • Breasts, nipples feel tight and slightly painful
  • Darker nipples and areolas
  • Constipation
  • Feeling pale nhạt
  • Feeling short of breath
  • Unusual cravings
  • Sensitivity to odors

Even if you have all 10 symptoms, the last accurate way to identify pregnancy is to go to a reputable hospital or medical center to determine your ability to get pregnant.

How long after sex should I use a test strip?

As mentioned above, after having sex for 14-21 days without using any protection, you can use a pregnancy test to know if you are pregnant or not. This is also considered a reasonable time to give the most accurate pregnancy test results.

Signs of pregnancy after 3 days of sex: Vaginal bleeding
       Signs of pregnancy after 3 days of sex: test strip?

Pregnancy test strips give the most accurate results when:

  • You should take a pregnancy test early in the morning after waking up, because this is when the concentration of hCG in the urine is highest.
  • Before taking a pregnancy test, you should not take any medicine, because it can affect the accuracy of the pregnancy test result.
  • Do not drink a lot of water before taking a pregnancy test, as this will dilute the concentration of hCG in the urine, and may lead to inaccurate pregnancy test results.
  • Read the user manual carefully before use.

Signs of pregnancy after 3 days of sex, pregnancy symptoms after 2 days of sex is really only for really sensitive women. Because you have to love yourself so much that you notice those tiny changes.

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