At 9 weeks pregnant, you will prepare to enter the final weeks of the first cycle of pregnancy. You will feel very refreshed and excited if this is your first pregnancy. But even if you already have a baby, every pregnancy is a different experience, with new challenges.

It is also normal to compare this pregnancy with previous ones and use the experience to guess the baby’s sex. However, it is the father of the baby that determines the sex of the baby, not you, and everything has been arranged since the 3rd week of pregnancy.

How will I love you with love?

You may wonder how you can love another child as much as your first. But don’t you worry. Nature has created babies who have the power to make their parents fall in love, and babies are really good at this. Mothers are even very distressed because they worry that they cannot have enough love to share equally with their children. Give yourself enough time to nurture a love for your new baby, and believe in yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

Changes in your body in week 9

  • Your hair, which is constantly going through a growth-loss cycle, is now dormant. This is one of the reasons why pregnant women often say their hair suddenly becomes thicker and more beautiful. The ends of your hair now rest on your head instead of swarming with a comb or swarming with the water every time you shower.
  • You will probably notice differences in your nails at 9 weeks pregnant because their growth rate is also unusual. It is the hormones of pregnancy that cause these changes.
  • If two weeks ago you felt like puberty for the second time with so many pimples on your face, then when you are 9 weeks pregnant, it’s time to see your clean skin. Use a gentle cream or cleanser, drink plenty of water, and eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Remember this recipe: every day 2 pieces of fruit and 5 servings of fresh vegetables.
  • You may gain weight slowly from the 9th week of pregnancy.  You may also have lost weight because of morning sickness, so you can’t eat anything, or keep vomiting. But from week 9, you will see food with a different eye. They are no longer the enemy of your stomach like they were about a week ago.

Emotional changes

  • You will feel less at 9 weeks pregnant and seem more energetic than before. You don’t seem to be as nauseous, tired, and lethargic as before.
  • At this stage, your baby can’t yet remind you of his presence by stirring in your belly, so it feels normal. Don’t feel guilty if you don’t think about your baby all the time.

How does a 9-week-old fetus develop?

  • The 9-week-old fetus is nearly 2.5cm long. The fetus is now a miniature version of the baby at birth. The baby will look less like an alien or a koala, but clearly an earthling.
  • Your baby is now less than the size of an apple, which is also the reason why you have a clearer feeling in the pelvic area. At the end of the day, when your bladder is already full, or after you’ve eaten a lot, you’ll feel even more pronounced.
  • The baby’s forehead will be less prominent, and the eyes will be in the middle of the face. Fingers and toes that used to stick together like a propeller are now separated into separate toes.
  • If your baby is a girl, this is when the ovaries begin to form. When the baby is born, the baby will have all the eggs that a woman carries in her whole life. The external genitalia also begins to take shape, even if it’s just tiny.
  • The baby’s body is no longer curled up as before but begins to stretch out. Just before, the baby was lying in a C shape, now it is a little straighter, except for the legs that are still bent up to hip level.
  • From week 9, you can already see nipples appear on the baby’s chest. The baby’s ears, which were previously low below the neck, are now in place.
  • Within the next three weeks, your baby will double in length. And one thing is for sure, you still feel very tired. Even when you sleep, your body is still working hard overtime to grow your baby.

What are the things you need to discuss with your doctor at week 9?

At this stage, one of the problems that pregnant women often face is migraines. However, there are some mothers who have pain with great frequency, but there are mothers who do not have a headache at all.

Experts are still not able to conclude why this is the case. For any mother who suffers from migraines during pregnancy, she needs to talk to her doctor right away to get advice on safe medications to support treatment.

Besides, if you already know why you often get migraines, you should stay away from the triggers that can cause the pain to occur. Some common causes are stress, cheese, coffee, or chocolate.

What tests do you need to do?

If you see symptoms such as: after sex, the vagina secretes a thin gray or white discharge, has a fishy odor, or the vagina and vulva are irritated and itchy, then there is a high chance that the mother has a vaginal infection.

This is a disease caused by an overgrowth of bacteria that exists in the vagina. However, 50% of women with this disease do not experience any symptoms at all.

You should get tested to see if you have the disease. If so, you need to talk to your doctor for treatment as soon as possible because bacterial vaginosis can cause premature birth and premature rupture of the membranes surrounding the baby.

What should mothers do in the 9th week of pregnancy?

  • If you haven’t had your first prenatal visit, now is the time to go. Pick a time when your baby’s dad can come along, and try to take a few hours off work after that so you can talk about that first appointment. You will probably get very excited when you hear your baby’s heartbeat very clearly with the ultrasound machine.
  • Don’t forget to brush your teeth! Oral hygiene is always important and during pregnancy even more important than ever. Also remember to floss every day, go to the dentist at least once during pregnancy, and take time to take care of your teeth. During this time, it’s not unusual for gums to bleed, but it can also mean that you need to brush and floss your teeth more often.
  • Start saving money for the months off work to have a baby. Having a solid savings plan for maternity leave will help reduce the stress of having to take a break from work. This is especially important if the unexpected happens, and you have to leave your job earlier than planned.