You are a week late for your period. Is there a health problem in the body or are you about to have good news? Nothing is certain yet, but BabeMome guesses that you are curious to find out if you are 1 week pregnant?

If that happens, what will the development of a 1-week-old fetus look like? Is your baby the size of a pea or has a form begun to take shape? Those are the surprises, surprises, and many questions of women who are expecting to have children after happy and sweet days with their husbands.

The truth is, week 1 of pregnancy is about to begin!

You have stopped all birth control methods and the start of your last period was about 7 days ago. You are already pregnant! The truth is that you are pregnant before the egg is fertilized. Why is there this “paradoxical” thing?

Even experienced experts can’t give you a satisfactory answer, but this is arguably the most correct calculation so far.

So what will the development of a 1-week-old fetus look like?

Right now, when I ask these questions and look for answers, the egg and sperm are still waiting for the golden moment to meet. The 1-week-old fetus has not shown any clear signs of shape and size.

The concept of “gestational age” is also not known by many mothers at this time. This is a method of estimating gestational age based on the last menstrual period instead of the actual age of the fetus. For example, when the doctor concludes that the mother is 7 weeks pregnant and the gestational age is 7 weeks, the actual age of the fetus is only approximately 5 weeks.

1 week pregnant, not much to say about the baby. Just know that at this moment, the mother’s body is forming a germ and is constantly developing day by day.

Signs of pregnancy in the first week

As a woman who always loves herself, takes care of her health and has a high level of “sensitivity”, you can easily recognize the earliest signs of pregnancy the first week after your last period:

  • Cervical mucus has an unusual appearance in both odor and color
  • Missed period (for women with regular menstrual cycles)
  • Increased body temperature
  • 1 week pregnant, the breast will be erect, swollen, and the nipple will be dark in color
  • The first week of pregnancy often feels uncomfortable with many odors
  • Mood swings due to nervous disorders
  • Urinating more during the day

Chances are, you don’t really have all of these signs at the same time or only 1-2 million unusual eggs, but those are all signs of “announcement” of good news!

Is it okay to have sex at 1-week old fetus?

Many moms don’t even realize they’re pregnant, right? This is a “normal” thing in the district, not many women know they are pregnant in the first week of pregnancy, simply thinking that the “red light” day comes a little late. So “sex” in the first week should still continue when mom is interested!

Even the orgasms, reaching the “peak” of the mother can help the fetus feel as relaxed as being lulled to sleep. Sex does not cause miscarriage as rumored, even if this is the first week of pregnancy.

1 week pregnant, what should the mother abstain from?

If you really feel a germ is present in your body, you should say “no” to all types of stimulants, alcoholic drinks, or raw foods. The room is far away, but far away.

In addition, you also absolutely avoid fish containing a lot of mercury such as blue tuna, swordfish, orange roughy fish (looks close to sea snapper), mackerel, yellow eel, caviar … to avoid effects Not good for the development of the fetus.

Do not eat soft cheeses like Bergader, Bleu d’Auvergne, Wensleydale… because they may contain bacteria Listeria monocytogenes that can cause disease in the mother and cause miscarriage.

Do not forget to drink a lot of water, eat fruits and green vegetables, both beautiful skin, and add vitamins and nutrients to the body. You know, the baby likes it too.

Thus, at the first week of pregnancy, we do not have much to say about the development of the fetus, but in the matter of eating and resting, the mother begins to need some notes!

The secret for mom to have a sublime moment

Create a romantic atmosphere: For example, having dinner together in candlelight, spreading flowers around the bed will help mom and dad easily find inspiration to sublimate together. After a few months of hard work, you’ll be ready for your baby’s arrival.